Promote Safety While Trick-or-Treating This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. Along with the fun, can also come some frights. To ensure the safety of your little ghouls and goblins, the National Safe Kids Campaign and the National Safety Council recommend these precautions for safe trick-or-treating: 

- Costumes should be flame-resistant and kids shouldn’t carry sharp or inflexible props. 

- Make certain that the costume fits and doesn’t drag on the ground. Avoid billowy costumes that may get snarled in shrubs or fences. 

- For better visibility, choose light-colored outfits. Add reflective tape or decals to costumes and bags, and use flashlights. 

- Nontoxic face paint is preferable to a mask because it won’t obstruct sight.  

- Write the child’s name, address, and phone number on a tag, and pin it discreetly to the costume so that neighbors can return a lost masquerader. 

- Adults should accompany and supervise young trick-or-treaters. Stick with familiar neighborhoods, and skip darkened houses. 

- Remind kids about traffic safety. Don’t let them dart across the street.  

- Prohibit children from all on-the-road nibbling, to prevent them from sampling unsafe treats. When they’ve returned home, inspect the kids’ loot for tampering before they eat any of it. Toss out homemade or suspect candy, and report any questionable handouts to the police.

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